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Teta Haniya's Secrets
After decades of running her kinky Syrian lingerie store in the Hamidiya souk of Damascus, Teta Haniya comes to America bearing gifts. With over 60 years of Islamic teachings on seduction, and an arsenal of kitschy electronics, Teta Haniya hijacks the western panty, triggering the sexual liberation of the American woman.

in collaboration with
Luma Eldin
Series of 5
Electronics, hacked toys, Victoria's
Secret underwear, magnets

Teta Haniya's Secrets is a line of electronic lingerie inspired by a Syrian tradition of hacking electronic toys, integrating them into panties, and selling them in the most casual of fashions at popular ‘Damascan’ souks. The line consists of five Victoria’s Secret panties hacked Syrian-style according to literal interpretations of Arabic expressions of seduction. The biggest lingerie store in the United States isn’t so liberal after all…
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