Control Social Media Before it Controls you
Produced By Varsity Tutors
Free, online, November 2021

Social media is a powerful force in all of our lives, with many notable downsides but also, if consumed critically, lots of potential to connect you to people and opportunities. In this class, technology entrepreneur and inventor Ayah Bdeir will show teenagers how social media works—for users, for creators and influencers, and for the companies themselves—how to use it to your advantage, and how to avoid the issues of depression and distraction that are so prevalent among young people. Take control of social media by understanding how it works and how it can work for you.

Unleash your Inner Inventor
Produced By Varsity Tutors
Free, online, September 2021

Every kid dreams of creating a world-changing invention, but the thought of conceiving a never-before-thought-of idea and knowing how to make it happen can start to seem impossible. The good news? Even if that idea never comes, you absolutely have what it takes to be an inventor. Join inventor Ayah Bdeir to unleash your inner inventor as you explore the inventor’s toolkit of finding problems, applying the scientific method, designing for people, and doing a lot more listening than you’d expect. Ready to become an inventor? Your journey starts here.

Stars of Science
Produced By Qatar Foundation
Qatar, 2010

Invited as a mentor on Stars of Science, the first reality TV show devoted to promoting science, technology and innovation in the Middle East.

The show airs on over 15 channels throughout the Arab World and online, and features inventors from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, among others. Was a mentor alongside international industrial designer Joost Alfreink helping guide the 6 candidates in the Design Phase. The final of the show will air live and the winner chosen by the public will win $300,000.

Technology as Identity – NYU, TISCH School
Interactive Telecommunications Program
Spring 2009

TAI is an experiment, part seminar part workshop, where we look at how the technologies we employ and consume — technologies of activism, surveillance, sexuality, and sustainability — subconsciously expose us and highlight the contrasts between cultures. Through humor, students use physical computing and interactive design tools to produce objects or installations that address aspect(s) of their identity(ies).
Class description here

Making things move or Algorithmic Animations
Guest of Zachary Lieberman
Fall 2008
Parsons School of Design
Design Technology Program

algo (‘algorithmic animation’) is an advanced programming class taught by Zachary Lieberman and Ayah Bdeir at Parsons School of Design whose focus is the development of strategies for creating interesting, compelling and lifelike animation using C++, in both software and hardware.
Class website here