Opening Hardware Workshop

A workshop on Legal Tools
for Open Source Hardware
March 17, 2010
at Eyebeam, Art + Technology Center
New York, NY

The Opening Hardware Workshop was aimed at creating a direct dialogue between Creative Commons and some of the most significant players in the Open Source Hardware Community. The workshop included leaders and founders from Arduino, MakerBot, Adafruit, WIRED, Chumby, Open Prosthetics, Free Software Foundation, Evil Mad Science, Buglabs and others. The workshop is considered to be a seminal moment in the Open Hardware movement, and gave rise to the Open Source Hardware Definition which became the governing charter of the movement, the Open Hardware Summit, and the public selection of the Open Hardware logo.

Founded and led by Ayah Bdeir. Featuring talks by John Wilbanks (VP Science Commons), Thinh Nguyen (General Counsel, Creative Commons)

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